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Landlord Insurance

As a landlord it’s key that you protect your investment to ensure you continue to get the return on your buy to let property that you require. The correct landlord insurances can ensure that this happens. Typical covers are as follows:

Lost Rent Insurance

It’s every landlords nightmare to have no rent coming in from a property they own. This can come about for many reasons and not just the tenants not paying or falling behind on rent but also where a property cannot be accessed or occupied. Cover is available in a variety of guises and often at very affordable premiums. To protect your income contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Landlord Liability Insurance

This covers you for a basic level of public liability insurance. It also covers you for your legal liability should someone suffer an accident or die on your property. This may also cover damage to that party’s possessions whilst on your property. Cover can be tailored in line with the property size and your personal requirements.

Buildings Insurance

A comprehensive buildings insurance policy will ensure that your tenanted property is covered against all the main specified risks such as subsidence, fire, flood, theft, lightening, water damage etc. Many landlords don’t realise that they have void cover as they have not replaced their buildings insurance since it has become tenanted. If you would like Emerald Finance to check your cover, or just see if you have a competitively priced buildings insurance please contact us.

Contents Insurance

This covers the main furnishings of the home and some of the fixtures in the event of damage, removal or theft. Tenants should also have their own contents policy in place.

Tenant Insurance

Tenants can also insure their income against redundancy, unemployment, accident and sickness so that in the event that they cannot work for whatever reason, they are still able to maintain their rent payments.

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