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Keyman Protection

When a key person in a business dies it can have a devastating impact on the finances and operation of a business. This can be safeguarded with life cover, critical illness cover and terminal illness cover, to help ensure short and long term business continuity with a key person protection scheme.

Key person insurance is where a business insures itself against the financial impact it would suffer should a key person (such as a director or business owner) either die, or suffer a critical illness and be unable to work. This policy is actually owned by the business and the benefit paid to the business. It is up to the business to decide what to do with the key person insurance payout.

Reasons for taking out Key Person Protection

  • Provides options at a time when a key person is no longer available to work in the business
  • Releases funds to either pay key persons wage when they are not working in the business or supplement sick pay of key person
  • Can provide funds to hire a replacement employee
  • Creates a temporary fix against a drop in profits and sales
  • Can be used to hire additional staff to balance increased workload
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